nPower's video tutorials (flash)

Video tutorials that aren't specific to MoI but still useful because both apps have the same basic geometric kernel – from Integrityware – and concept of modeling.

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Michael's video tutorials

Modeling a crown of clubs

Download (Length: 9 minutes, Size: 7.3 MB)

This tutorial goes over the steps for building a crown with club shapes in it (like playing card clubs). I try to go pretty slow and give a lot of commentary about how some basic operations work, like selection and construction lines. This is a good way to see how some of these features are applied in a real modeling session.

Modeling a sunburst design

Download (Length: 6.5 minutes, Size: 6.3 MB)

This tutorial is for a pretty simple shape but covers using sweep, boolean union, and applying a fillet to round the corners.

Modeling a six-legged pod

Download (Length: 17.5 minutes, Size: 21 MB)

It is like from some episode of "Die Biene Maja (Maya The Bee)" timeless classic TV series. You must see it :)

Other video tutorials

MoI without a manual (basic operations) by Ray
Garden water can by lyes
Gaz tank by lyes
Blueprint handling by lyes
Halogen Lamp by Daniele
Rendering MOI3D Models in Blender and Luxrender by Phil
Tutorial that addresses doing accurate tapers/draft in MoI, in it's current state, V2 by Danny
Using Construction lines by Nigel